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Daniel Seeley

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Design Satisfaction is the freelance graphic design identity of Daniel Seeley, who is a multidisciplinary designer born/raised/living in Las Vegas where he currently works.

Focused on Photo-Manipulation & Graphic Design he always tries to keep a core concept and alternative approach on all of his projects.


Concept is King

Daniel has had the privilege to work with upcoming  music artists, such as Daniel Park, The Moonshiners, and already established Kaya Jones. He has worked with companies across various markets such as Exotics Racing, AFAN, Olive Crest, Jet Set Games, Artifice, Brett Wesley Gallery, Discovery Children’s Museum, The Modern, & more.

Current Graphic Designer and Project Manager at Brett Wesley Group and former AIGA CSN President in Las Vegas.

Recent Projects

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Skill Sets

What made the short list.

I have to say, editing photography and mashing different elements of different photos together is definitely pleasing. Creating atmospheric worlds and surreal art was the very core that developed my interest in design.

Through study and university I was exposed to a new found love of branding, layout, and typography. Honing in and further developing skills in these ‘branches of design’ is where my sights are set to now.


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Mon-Fri / 12pm - 6pm
Sat-Sun / 2pm - 6pm